WhatsApp Chatbot – A Great Tool for School/College

Nowadays schools use WhatsApp groups to send information to the parents about the university or college guidelines, test schedules and updates on college or university events.

But how can we send the same information to college students parents? And so, if there are thousand students in the School, I would like to send out a School day schedule to other parents. That’s where WhatsApp groups fall short. Or even I could utilize WhatsApp broadcast but which has a limit of 256 contacts! This’s, nonetheless, time consuming. Because of the all class teacher’s need to collect message info and contact details from the worried need and person to include parents contact details in an individual phone and should create group or broadcast and then send a message. Phew!

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But then, there are plenty of colleges that do not use this benefit of WhatsApp. As I saw each and every teacher have to call parents to inform them about the pupil / parent council program and also have to confirm whether they will attend the program or even not.

Teaching job is tough enough as it’s. Teachers should additionally teach subjects, have to become engaged in different school activities, have to contact parents for confirmation for a few functions. This’s very hard on teachers.

Other tools and software are being created continuously and by utilizing that we can reach millions of people quickly. This is not only more effective but may be an excellent time-saving issue for overloaded teachers. Some of the tools that can help with this are WhatsApp advertising and marketing and WhatsApp Chabot.

Are you wondering what is WhatsApp marketing and WhatsApp chatbot?

I want to introduce you to these tools! Marketing on WhatsApp is fundamentally Marketing your product on WhatsApp and advertising it. I have given examples above linked to schools, so I am going to continue on similar topic. For instance, an academic year will no doubt get into and you’ve a brand-new course from this season. How would you promote it? Advertising in the newspaper or even putting a banner outside the college or university is one of the reasons that traditional marketing and advertising is used. Will that admission rate actually reach what is expected? Maybe or may well not be. But if you’ve thousand contacts and you want to promote your course details through that then WhatsApp advertising is likely the greatest tool. It’s possible to distribute bulk messages to 1000 contacts with the WhatsApp marketing and advertising tool.

For folks which do not have in mind what’s a WhatsApp Chatbot, it’s essentially an autoresponder for whatsapp. For example, in case you want to invite parents to a student / parents council program and you must get confirmation from them which they are going to attend or perhaps not, you have to obtain this info. Then you are able to post a message through the use of WhatsApp Marketing like:

Hi, this’s the call from “mention university or college Name” attractive you to attend the student/parent council program on “mention Date and time”. Could you confirm your presence by answering either Yes or No?

When they send out a reply, it is going to connect to the WhatsApp bot directly and the remainder of the work will be managed by the bot. If any changes in the agenda of the event or any other details about the event, Chabot will automatically send out the update. It is going to work like if you subscribe on YouTube channel and you’ll get the recent video notification from that channel.

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